5 Reasons to Travel Solo


If I got a penny for every time I’ve been asked “Why do you travel alone?” or a gasp from the thought of it, I’d be a millionaire. I could come up with a number of reasons, but here are 5:

1. It makes planning trips so much easier.
Truly! It does! You go on your own schedule and there’s no debating where to go or what to do. We all have different preferences when it comes to destination, accommodation, transportation, budget, or even food! When you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s interests but your own, it makes planning your trip a lot easier.

2. “Me Time”.
Seriously. You all know what I’m referring to when I say “me time”. Sometimes you just need alone time…time for yourself! It’s hard enough to live with roommates, siblings, and/or parents. When I’m on vacation, I’d like to hide away from the rest of the world. I thoroughly enjoy the tranquility of solitude. It’s also a good time to reflect on everything in life. Namaste. Deep thoughts.

3. You discover a lot about yourself.
I kid you not, you really do. When you spend a significant amount of time planning your next move, figuring out where to go, finding out what’s good and what’s not, you begin to learn a lot more about yourself. In fact, you start figuring out your limits and boundaries. What’s outside of your comfort zone? Many times I went outside of my comfort zone, only to realize that it wasn’t so uncomfortable after all. The more I was exposed to everything outside of my limits, the more I began to discover who I really am and what I value in life.

4. It’s less stressful.
Have you ever traveled with someone for more than a couple days, a week or more, perhaps? Personally for me, after the second or third day, I start getting pretty annoyed being around the same person–and making sure we’re both happy. When you travel alone, the only person you have to worry about is YOU. You only have to keep yourself happy, yourself fed, and yourself where you need to go. You won’t ever feel like you’re wasting time doing something because you have total control of what you want to do, where you want to go, and when you leave. Ah, the power of one!

5. You (can) meet new people and make new friends!
Let’s be real. It’s a lot easier to meet new people when you’re alone…mostly because you don’t have much of a choice, unless you want to stick to yourself the entire time. I’ve found that the friends I make through my travels are the coolest people I meet–simply because often times, they’re like me! And you can pick up or ditch your new friend at any time when traveling plans or interests don’t match up. Best of all, every encounter with someone brings the world just a little closer together each time. You never know if the next traveler you meet is your soulmate or new best friend! 😉

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