Azores | Terceira Island

Terceira is a volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic that boasts endless rolling hills of green pasture, outstanding seafood, and endless trails. One of the island’s most dominating features is the incredible intense green of the extensive pastureland, with its meadows walled-in with black volcanic rock giving the impression of a huge patchwork … More Azores | Terceira Island


Despite its notorious reputation for drug trafficking and crime, Colombia is for the most part safe, and definitely worth checking out. I invited my sister, Monica, on this trip with me and made this a “sisters trip” since we hadn’t ever traveled alone together before. Let me just say, it really is a blessing to … More Colombia


Don’t let “rainy season” deter you from exploring one of Central America’s most beautiful countries! At the beginning of September, I embarked on a one week (yes, just one week!) journey through the highlands. And unsurprisingly, my mom tagged along on this trip after getting word that I was headed to Guatemala. We started in … More Guatemala