Travel Packages

Travel Packages

There are no “preset” packages with trip details simply because your personalized trip has yet to be planned! Prices below reflect consultation and trip planning.

Choose a destination from the list. Then choose the travel package that fits your comfortability.


$200 $95*

  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Attractions/sight-seeing
  • Accommodation recommendations
  • Transportation information
  • Suggested route

$300 $149*

  • Flight planning
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Attractions/sight-seeing/excursions arrangements
  • Accommodation recommendations and/or reservations
  • Transportation information
  • Suggested route


$650 $379*

Everything that is included in the Silver and Gold packages AND

  • Arrangement with local resident(s) that assist in a smooth travel experience which may include the following services:
    • Airport pick-up
    • Tours
    • Local cuisine recommendations
    • Local hang out spots
    • Transportation
    • Accommodation 

*Base consultation fee. Price does not include cost of airfare, accommodations, reservations, transportation, or excursions.